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10 Leadership, Management, and Organizational Change Training Courses

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10 Leadership, Management, and Organizational Change Training Courses

There is no shortage of leadership, management, and organizational change training programs, but which ones are worth the investment?

In this post, we’ll cover some of the best training options for business leaders who want to sharpen their leadership skills and stay adaptable in today’s changing economy.

10 Leadership, Management, and Organizational Change Training Courses

Here is a list of some of the best courses in leadership and organizational change:

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1. eCornell

Cornell’s change management certification is designed for managers and leaders who want to be ready for change. This course covers key areas that include:

  • Navigating power relationships
  • Negotiation skills
  • Leading strategic change initiatives
  • Leading organizational change

Students can also choose two leadership electives that cover topics such as leading across cultures, coaching skills, and strategic decision making.

2. Northwestern

Northwestern’s change management certification teaches students several key skills, including:

Like Cornell’s certification, students have some flexibility when it comes to the choice of courses. 

3. Emory

Located at Emory University in Atlanta, the Goizueta Business School’s change management certificate gives business leaders the skills they need to navigate business changes. 

Their change management courses cover topics such as:

  • Design thinking for business innovation
  • Executive decision making
  • Leading and inspiring change
  • Negotiations and conflict management

As with the other two certifications covered above, students have some leeway in terms of the exact courses they choose.

4. Harvard Extension School

Harvard’s extensions school offers a number of certifications that can benefit business leaders interested in driving organizational change, including certificates in:

Obtaining a certificate in one of these areas can boost any professional’s resume and skill set, especially those interested in leading an organization through today’s volatile business world.

5. MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan’s certificate in management and leadership is geared towards business leaders who want to broaden their general leadership skills. It covers topics such as:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Negotiations
  • Change management

This is a good option for professionals who want the knowledge and skills to help them succeed as business leaders.

6. University of Washington

The University of Washington’s business certificates cover the gamut of business disciplines. 

As one of the top universities in the Pacific Northwest and in the country, their courses can be an excellent addition to one’s professional repertoire.

Certificate programs cover areas including:

  • Change management
  • Lean Six Sigma management
  • Program management
  • Project management

Also, like many of the other courses covered in this list, many of these courses are offered online, making them available to anyone in the country

7. Stanford

Stanford’s certificate in leading change and organizational renewal, as the name suggests, focuses specifically on leading organizational change.

The curriculum teaches students:

  • How to diagnose and solve strategic challenges
  • How to use design thinking to innovate
  • How to apply this knowledge to one’s own organization

For students interested specifically in leading organizational change, this course is an excellent option. However, at the time of this writing, the price tag is over $15,000, so it is not for those on a budget.

8. Prosci

Prosci’s change management certifications are among the most well-known and reputable in the change management community. These certificates are best for business leaders who want a practical skill set that they can use to successfully lead organizational change.

Their courses cover topics including:

  • The essentials of change management
  • Agile change management
  • Enterprise change management

Many of Prosci’s courses are offered online, making them convenient and accessible, regardless of location.

They are also short and more affordable than some of the other options here, so they are a good option even for those on a budget.

9. ATD

ATD’s change management certificate, like Prosci’s emphasizes the skills needed to lead organizational change. 

It teaches students how to:

  • Assess and define the needed organizational change
  • Understand change management theories
  • Create change management plans and communication strategies
  • Manage and overcome obstacles to change

As of this writing, ATD’s courses are offered online and their price tag comes in at under $2,000, making them an excellent choice for any budget or schedule.

10. ACMP

ACMP’s Certified Change Management Professional (ACMP) is specifically designed for those working in the field of change management. 

To obtain this certificate, candidates must:

  • Learn ACMP’s methodology, “the Standard,” through a list of qualified training institutions
  • Meet minimum requirements in terms of background and education
  • Pass the application process
  • Take and pass the CCMP exam

Though more rigorous and stringent than some of the other courses covered here, this certification is ideal for change managers who want to excel in their field, add credibility to their resume, and demonstrate their knowledge of ACMP’s method.


In today’s world, digital transformation, cultural change, innovation, and many other factors are pushing organizations to evolve and rethink the way they operate.

Business leaders who have the right skill set – such as those offered in the certifications covered here – will be both valued and well-prepared for tomorrow’s business world.

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