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Where to Find the Best Organizational Effectiveness PPT

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Where to Find the Best Organizational Effectiveness PPT

Where can you find the best organizational effectiveness PPT?

The right organizational PPT can help business professionals in many areas:

  • Improved insights and research into organizational effectiveness
  • Understanding the drivers and determinants of organizational effectiveness
  • Learning different perspectives on organizational effectiveness

To start with, we will explore a few common factors that contribute to organizational success. 

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Then we’ll look at where and how to find the best organizational effectiveness PPTs, PDFs, and other resources.

First, Learn the Sources of Organizational Effectiveness

“Organizational effectiveness” is a complex topic.

Different professionals have different perspectives, models, and ideas about what makes an organization effective.

And this is part of the reason to research PPTs, PDFs, reports, and other organizational effectiveness information.

Effectiveness depends on a wide variety of factors:

  • Management. Effective managers produce effective teams – teams that are more productive, work well together, less resistant to change, and more capable.
  • Efficiency of business functions. The efficiency of a specific business function, such as IT or marketing, is another major contributor to organizational effectiveness.
  • Employee experience. The employee experience refers to the workplace environment and the overall interactions employees have with a company.
  • The organizational strategy. An effective strategy plays an enormous role in an organization’s success. A good strategy can define how much an organization succeeds or fails.
  • The marketplace and competitive environment. External forces can also play a role in an organization’s performance. Saturated, competitive markets make it much more difficult to perform well and succeed.
  • Tools and technology. The right tools play a critical role, especially in the digital age. Good tools can grant a competitive edge, improving effectiveness in a number of areas.
  • The workplace culture. Organizational culture – the beliefs and values of a company – also impact worker performance, employee productivity, and business effectiveness.

These are a few common topics to focus on when conducting your research.

But the very first topic to look for, as we’ll see below, is organizational effectiveness itself.

How to Target the Right Organizational Effectiveness PPT

Here is a step-by-step process for targeting, uncovering, and obtaining the right PPTs:

  • First, search for organizational effectiveness PPTs (see below for some good sources). The very first step to finding good PPTs on organizational effectiveness is to search for “organizational effectiveness PPTs.” However, that should only be the first step.
  • Assess your own business needs. Consider the factors mentioned above: which areas seem most pertinent to your situation? 
  • Find what areas need improvement. Discover weaknesses and potential areas that could be improved in your business. That is, look for areas that could improve overall organizational effectiveness.
  • Look for PPTs that focus on those topics. Then, begin searching for PPTs that match the areas you want to improve.
  • Use that information to fuel your agenda. You may be performing research for an organizational change initiative. You may be seeking to understand how to boost efficiency in a particular area. Or you may be looking to improve your knowledge. Either way, the information you uncover can be of great help.

This process is a good framework to follow when conducting your research.

But where exactly should you look?

Tips for Finding Organizational Effectiveness PPTs

Below are some tips to help you find the right PPTs and cut down on research time:

  • SlideShare. SlideShare, owned by LinkedIn, is one of the best places to find PPTs and other presentations. If the presentation’s creator permits it, slides can even be downloaded.
  • Use search operators. Search operators are very useful tricks to have in your research toolbox. For instance, by adding “” your searches will only bring up results from WalkMe’s blog. If you add “filetype:PPT” then your results will be restricted to PPT files.
  • Professional social networks. LinkedIn is not the only network for professionals. There are social networks for project managers, human resources professionals, engineers, scientists, and so on. Joining these networks can give you access to a wide variety of content, such as PPTs, PDFs, reports, webinars, and exclusive articles.
  • Use feed readers. RSS feeds can keep you updated on content from specific websites or blogs. Naturally, the type of content that you are given will vary based on the blog. But it is certainly a useful way to stay updated on targeted content.
  • Email alerts. Google Alerts, for instance, is a service that will send you emails for specific search terms. If you create an alert for “organizational effectiveness PPT,” for example, Google will send you emails when new web results match that search.
  • Company websites. Another top place to look for PPTs is on business websites. Start with experts in the area of organizational effectiveness that you wish to learn about. Accenture, for instance, has extensive content related to digital transformation and technology.

Regardless of your agenda – whether you are building a business case or simply trying to learn about the topic – PPTs such as these can offer significant insights into organizational effectiveness.

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