20 Tips for Implementing Organizational Change

Implementing organizational change is challenging, rewarding work … especially if your change programs are successful. We’ve collected 20 tips to help you increase your chances of success – and get better results – from your change program. Here you go: 1. First things first – understand and define the problem. The first step towards successful

“Always Have A Plan B” & Other Tips For Your ITIL Change Management Process Flow

It’s all on you. You’re the key to your organization’s successful change management. Why? Because you’ve got to design an effective ITIL change management process flow. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach for [the] change management process. Businesses need to understand their structure, objective, complexity and define change process flows accordingly.” Fresh Service CEOs need changes

Working With “Kaizen”: Everything You Need To Know About Human And Organizational Development

“All improvement begins with the identification of a problem”. These words were spoken by Mazaaki Imai, Founder of the Kaizen Institute in Japan. “Kaizen” means improvement. Literally translated, it’s “change” (kai) “for the better” (zen). And this quote should be a source of inspiration for anyone working in human and organizational development. But whose responsibility

“The Law Of Life”: 4 Tips For Awesome ITIL Change Management Best Practices

John F. Kennedy called change “the law of life”. It’s also the law of business. Every year the discipline of change management grows, as organizations try to keep pace with the digital revolution. CEOs are increasingly concerned with implementing change successfully. Because it’s critical to remaining relevant and competitive. The digital revolution shows no signs

“It’s Personal” — What Is Change Management Process & How To Design An Effective One

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked, “what is change management process all about?” I’d be a very rich man. I could give you the short answer. Or the long answer. But neither would be 100% accurate. And by that I mean, the change management process is different for every CEO,

5 Steps to Ending “Project Change Management Chaos”

Project change management is a must whenever changes occur to the project you’re working on … big or small. Whether that change involves a software change, scope change, personnel change, a schedule change, or something else, change management is a necessity. After all, project changes can incur a range of problems, such as: Timetable changes

Organizational Development Certificate Programs: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Organizational development certificate programs give you the chance to further your career, specialize, and boost your income. If you are interested in change management, these programs warrant serious consideration. But are these certificate programs worth the investment? And, with so many to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Organizational

Drastic Measures: When Change Management Requires a Change in Management

What’s the difference between “change in management” and “change management“? A lot, actually. Let’s look at what each term means in more detail. What Is “Change in Management”? “Change in management” simply refers to a personnel change. In other words, replacing old managers with new managers. Change in management is a normal part of business