10 Change Management Strategies Which Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

We operate in a fast-paced business world where everything is subject to change. To accommodate this, we must implement change management strategies. Change is just about the only thing that’s guaranteed in industry. Its unpredictable nature requires businesses to think on their feet, especially considering the influx of change in today’s ever-evolving digital landscapes. Image

Everything You Need To Know About The Association of Change Management Professionals

What your mother has told you all these years is wrong. You are not unique. Ok, that was a little harsh. Perhaps I’ll put it another way. You are not alone. Yes, that’s a bit better. Yet, as a change manager, it’s easy to feel alone. Very often, change management is a thankless job. How

Lewin’s Change Theory Model Will Heat Up Your Organization

Did you know that water is usually more dense than ice? I bet you thought it was the other way around. Water molecules are closer together than in the crystalline structure of ice. This makes ice less dense and therefore able to float on water. Understanding this can help you improve your change management. How?

The Ultimate Change Management Process Flow

Organizations come in all shapes and sizes. Charity, education, retail, financial, industrial, creative — they’re all completely different, right? Wrong. When it comes to organizational change, they’re exactly the same. We’re going to look at change management process flow examples from different industries. We’ll discover that, when it comes to behavior change, they all follow

Organizational Change Theory: 2 Prominent Change Models

Organizational change is essential for survival in fast-moving industries. If your company isn’t willing and ready to adapt with the times, you’ll risk getting left in the dirt of your competition. By taking advantage of organizational change theory, you’ll be better equipped to adjust to today’s diverse work environments. This will help you appreciate the

Organizational Development Consultants: Do We Really Need Them?

Consultancy is a fallacy, isn’t it? “Anyone can…call themselves a consultant”, says business expert Adrian Herschell. Yet, organizational development consultants are essential to a CEO’s guide to change. But are they really necessary? And what do they actually do? As a project or support manager, or an IT decision maker, you already deal with organizational

How to Cope with Management Changing

Change is commonly associated with the unknown, which is one of the biggest reasons for employees naturally resisting it. Coping with management changing is another issue altogether, especially when staff have developed a rapport with their main point of contact. When news surfaces surrounding management changing, a ripple effect is felt throughout the organization. This

Kotter’s Organizational Change Model: 8 Steps To Smooth Digital Transformation

It’s time to take your head out of the sand. Change doesn’t just happen. You need to adopt a deliberate approach. This is clear from our CEO’s guide to successful change management. A documented organizational change model can provide such an approach. Use this and specific change management techniques to improve results. It sounds simple.

What Are The Benefits of Obtaining An Organizational Development Certificate?

Organizational development is an evolving term in business contexts, owing to the continuous innovation that’s necessary to stay competitive in today’s business landscape. To provide some context, the term can be viewed as the processes involved in improving organizational efficiency. This is merely a foundation to build on, so we must delve deeper to understand