Change Management vs. Digital Adoption – What’s the Difference?

Change management vs. digital adoption – what’s the difference? Change managers and organizational development professionals probably know that these two terms don’t mean the same thing. However, what exactly is the difference? And why does it matter? Below, we’ll learn why digital adoption is so important to understand, especially for today’s digital-savvy change managers. Change

What Does Change Management Mean?

What does change management mean? Change management is a very important field in today’s ever-changing digital economy. Below, we’ll look at what change management is, how it benefits businesses, and why this discipline is so important. What Does Change Management Mean? Change management refers to a set of practices, tools, and approaches to help organizations

Change Management vs. Digital Transformation – What’s the Difference?

Change management vs. digital transformation … are they really that different? Or are they just two “buzzwords” for the same thing? As we’ll see below, no, they’re not buzzwords. And they don’t mean the same thing, though the terms are related. Today, digital transformation is one of the most common reasons behind organizational change. And

10 of the Best Organizational Development Certification Programs

Organizational development certification programs are a sure way to get a leg up in your career. Organizational change is challenging, but rewarding. It gives you a chance to make a difference in your company and in other people’s lives. Getting a certificate can also help you earn more income and open up new career pathways.

How to Model Change: 3 Types of Business Change

How do you model change in business? Well, it depends on the nature of the change. Perhaps you’re acquiring a company … or perhaps you’ve been acquired. Maybe you’re adopting a new software platform. Or maybe you’re changing your revenue model. In each of these cases, the way you model change will be different. How

How to Use Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model: A Deep Dive

Kotter’s 8-step change model is one of the “gold standards” of change frameworks. However, the model has changed a bit since its original inception in 1996. Below, we’ll look at the new – and old – versions of the model. Then we’ll explore each step and look at the similarities and differences between the “new”

What Is the Change Management Process and Procedure that’s Best for Your Business?

What is the change management process and procedure that’s best for your business? The answer depends on the nature of the change you’re implementing. Is it ongoing organizational change? An IT process change? Or are you changing the structure of your organization? Below, we’ll look at what types of business changes exist, how they impact

A Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Change Management Team Structure

Change management team structure is vitally important to the health of any change program. When designing your change team, you will often go “by the book” of the change model you use. However, as we’ll see below, that’s not always possible. In cases where you need to improvise, it’s important to have a deep understanding