Change Management Bootcamp – Peter J. Reiley explores organizational psychology and the military

Recently, I have been doing much exploring, questioning and researching on the subject of the psychology of change. One such idea is the concept of how change works in a strict hierarchical organisation like the military.   Peter J. Reiley, PhD, an Industrial Organisational Psychology enthusiast, and one of the leading opinions on Military Veteran

The Power is in Your Hands – Do Low or High PDI Affect Change Processes?

Change Management and the PDI The Power Distance Index (PDI) is a fascinating benchmark to consider in change management. Understanding where your company stands against the PDI can make a big difference in how you go forward with large changes. Making changes without accounting for the PDI of the company culture can lead to disaster.

Were these inspiring Change Management Quotes said by change influencers or professional athletes?

  What do successful leaders and champion athletes have in common? There are so many aspects that those that have reached the top of their fields have mastered, among them; a winning mentality, determination and courage to make decisions. Reading what these successful people have to say is inspiring, and understanding their approach to life

How to Introduce a New Feature to Change-Resistant Users

Each year, millions of dollars are spent creating new and cutting edge software in an effort to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving tech landscape. Additionally, companies invest heavily in change management facilitators and programs to aid the introduction of new features. The most difficult part about introducing new features is that change requires

This is Perhaps the Best Lesson You Can Learn from the Yahoo Acquisition News

Despite bursting onto the scene as one of the most noteworthy web pioneers of the dot-com era, the biggest story in the tech world today is the Yahoo acquisition news, where the tech giant finalized an agreement to be acquired by Verizon for $4.83 billion in late July.   According to press reports, discussing the

A Guide for Muggles: The 3 change management obstacles we’d fix with magic

I was recently reading an article by John Kotter, on his 8 Step Change model and how to build successful change management plans, my hyperactive brain immediately associated the Harvard Business School professor’s name with that of a certain famous wizard – yes, you guessed it – Harry Potter. I thought to myself, “What if

Pokémon NO – Pokémon Go and Change Management terms which have been overused

Pokémon Go is just another one of those trends that has taken the world by storm, and leaves you scratching your head thinking: “We get it. You like Pokémon. Can you drop it already?” Likewise, there are some trends in Change Management that leave me feeling the same way. “The change is going to be agile,