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Sound Waves of Change: Change Management Podcasts you should check out

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Sound Waves of Change: Change Management Podcasts you should check out

I have received many requests to recommend some change management podcasts. So here is a compilation of some of the most insightful and thought provoking podcasts that are sure to provide you with fresh ideas and challenging theories on organizational change.


Lean Change Management Podcast

The first podcast that I’d like to recommend is the Lean Change Management Podcast. Jason Little’s thoughts on topics like Agile and Organizational Change, pop. Psychology and Centralized Change Teams are most definitely worth a listen. Jason along with his guests will give you a fresh look at some of the challenges that you may experience in organizational change and how to solve them.

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The 3 C’s of Change: Managing Resistance to Change Successfully

A great podcast by Siobhan Sutherland Rogers MB on resistance to change and why it is vital not to underestimate the energy and time it takes to actively promote organizational change. There are some real pearls of wisdom to be taken from this podcast!

“Engage in positive problem solving to understand any issues, fears and concerns.  Clarify and affirm what will not change.  Check for misunderstandings and identify potential solutions that provide improved outcomes rather than resorting to bargaining for compromise.”


New Management Practices of Leading Organizations

Dave Stachowiak’s podcast discusses a wide variety of cutting edge business ideas. This podcast is all about the change to wage transparency and its pros and cons. I found it extremely interesting. I particularly enjoyed the quote by his guest David Burkus:

“If you’re not embarrassed by your work from five years ago, then you’re not growing fast enough.”

How to Make Change Work

Randy Pennington and Todd Nordstrom inspire ideas on the challenges of making change work and the importance of “Staying nimble, cdcrelevant and engaged in a world of constant change” as well as “implementing change that works at every level of an organization.”

I hope you enjoy these podcasts – so listen and learn, people!

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