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The Best of the Week in Change

The Best of the Week in Change

July has ended, but the first week of August brings great new reads.

I guess good writing doesn’t go on summer vacation! Here is what I have for you this week.

1.  Change Management Comic Strips

This article by Torben Rick outlines the top 3 Change Management Comic Strips. From learning to embrace change, to change resistance, the article summarizes the cartoons and helps us to better understand the need to embrace change.

2. 10 Truths About Change Management

This article by Scott Span, OD and CMP, helps us come to terms with some of the most difficult truths of change management. We know change is a process, but these 10 truths will help you achieve it and remain confident and in the lead.

3. GSA CIO: Successful Organizations Connect, Collaborate, Innovate

Vala Afshar’s article about successful CIOs and their digital business transformations. Afshar discusses 4 key ways to leverage collaboration and innovation within communities.  I think you’ll enjoy both the video and the accompanying insights from some of the best in the industry.

4.  Techniques for Overcoming Change Resistance

In Jesse Jacoby’s article about overcoming change resistance, he discusses the critical techniques involved with helping your business cope with resistance. You’ll find this article particularly helpful if you’re facing an upcoming change and have a team whose expectations also need management.

Creating a Change Management Questionnaire for Employees

Finally, this is an article I’ve written about changing a company and creating a change management questionnaire in order to fuel employee cooperation and interaction. If you are currently looking at designing a questionnaire or focus group with your employees, you will find this article helpful.

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