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This Week’s Best Articles in Change Management

This Week’s Best Articles in Change Management

This week’s best in change management addresses importance of leadership through the change process. From insider tips to managing change, to experimental change these articles are sure to help you make the most of the change process.

1.The 8 Step Process for Leading Change

In this article by Kotter International they identify and outline the 8-step process required to identify and extract success factors in leading change.

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2. Why Change Management Comes Into Play in B2B

Erika Goldwater’s article about change management identifies some serious barriers to change. Understanding these barriers will help you align your buyer and their journey and improve your marketing and sales efforts.

3. Understanding and Applying Effective Change Management: Part Six- Leading through the Adoption Cycle
This article by Kris Oldland outlines the final stage of Sharon Moura’s five step approach to change through the adoption cycle. It defines and evaluates early adopters, majority, laggards and naysayers.

4. Experiment with Organization Change Before Going All In
John Beshears and Francesca Gino outline a great way to experiment with organizational change before beginning the change process. They argue that one of the most crucial missing steps in the change process includes a lack of rigorous way to determine the effectiveness of your changes. This article helps you test the waters before jumping in.

5. Insider Tips to Managing the Change Process 

Finally this article helps you figure out how better to manage the change process. From preparation to reinforcing the change this article offers some important solutions.

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