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This Week’s Best in Change Management News

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This Week’s Best in Change Management News

In this week’s best in change management, you’ll learn about some new exercises to help build your teams resilience, how to manage change will minimal disruption and even some advice for HR professionals in managing effective change.

1. HUB International CHRO: Managing Change with Minimal Disruption

In this article by HCA, we are given a solid look at the importance of managing cultural transition and change. With HCA’s pointers, you’ll be celebrating your change successes immediately.

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2. 3 Improv Exercises That Can Change The Way Your Team Works
In this article by Tom Yorton he looks at the role of improvisation and comedy in change management. This article outlines a number of exercises that are sure to bring about some critical team building moments.

3. HR Must Embrace Increasingly Fluid Change Management, Says IES

Claire Churchard’s article outlines the results of a recent report from the Institute of Employment Studies (IES). These results point to a number of ways that HR must change to embrace a more fluid change process.

4. Robot Dogs and Change Management
In Joyce Maroney’s article on robot dogs is sure to leave an impact. She uses the robot dog as an example of change management principles and outlines some of the key principles in change management that we all need to understand.

5. Great Infographic: Management vs. Leadership

And finally one I wrote. In this article we look at an impactful infographic, which challenges us to look deeper at the differences in management and leadership. Too often these two roles have become muddied but this infographic is sure to make things far more clear.

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