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This Week’s Best of the Week in Change

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This Week’s Best of the Week in Change

This Week’s Best in Change involves articles which help us motivate employees, ask the right questions of our teams, and offer up solid solutions for processes.
1. EHR Success: 4 Change Management Process Tips

In this article by Barry Chamberland, he addresses some of the biggest issues facing change management and leveraging success of HER configurations.

2. Change Management Gains a Sharper Focus in Chicago-Area MBA Programs

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

Debbie Carlson’s article about the new focus of MBA programs on change management addresses the importance of change not just as a specialty, but as part of a bigger relationship management process for future leaders.

3. The Pitfalls of Culture Change

Peter Prevno’s article addresses the challenges that face change managers who are set on changing an organizations’ culture. There’s a reason why most culture change programs fail and Prevno’s article does a solid job of addressing just why that is.

4. 5 Easy Ways to Motivate – and Demotivate – Employees

While motivating employees is often the goal, we aren’t always great at figuring out how to be inspiring to everyone. Victor Lipman’s article addresses both the way we motivate and the ways we (often unintentionally) demotivate as well.

5. When Leading Change Increase Engagement by Asking Questions

Torben Rick’s article addresses some of the benefits and challenges that come with leading change. Leading successful change is all about engagement and with Rick’s guide to change engagement questions.

6. 3 Techniques for Implementing Organizational Change

Finally this article offers up ways to implement organization change by choosing the right leadership, encouraging strong teams and finally to get your employees moving, involved and motivated.

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