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This Week’s Top 5 Change Management Articles

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This Week’s Top 5 Change Management Articles

1# Tinkering with Strategy Can Derail Midsize Companies

It is normal for midsize business managers to get excited about new opportunities. However, they need to stick to the strategy that helped them grow in the first place. Robert Sher looks at how lack of strategy can get such companies out of track.

2# How Financial Services Can Change the Way They Change

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Global recession really impacted negatively on various financial services such as loans. Companies are now investing in growth rather than survival to combat such economic crisis. Here is an article by Simon Sear on how companies should embrace rapid change management.

3# Leading a Major Organization Change Initiative: 4 Lessons

Heading or managing a major change initiative in your company can be tricky due to the many logistical issues that could arise in the implementation process. LaMarsh Global takes an in-depth at 4 lessons that companies should lead when transition.

4# Change Can No Longer be Controlled

One of the major mistakes that companies make is to try to control change. Torben Rick explains why change can no longer be controlled.

5# The Change Management Action Plan Guide

Repeating the same operations or procedure can lead to stagnation. There is need to change so as to grow and venture into new business areas. Here is an article we earlier wrote to help you break from the norm.

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