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Tips on Making Change Stick

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Tips on Making Change Stick

Is there any elixir out for making change stick? Technological developments and economic conditions all over the world have compelled business organizations to call for certain organizational changes including all types. These changes may include generating and managing new business strategies to maximize its output effectively, drawing and retaining new talents to the organization and discarding outdated strategies alongwith surviving through the consequences of unemployment and seizures.

The need of these changes has been recognized by the management leaders of most of the organizations but the quirk of the fate is that they are not aware of the methods of making these changes successful. In fact for making a change successful they have to review the change process thoroughly for making change stick.

Some of the management leaders have defined these organizational changes as just an announcement to the employees about the coming change to make them alert and be ready to adjust and deal with the change, without giving them any presentation regarding the change. But in this competitive era such statements sound careless. In fact it needs a positive approach to make the change management successful all over the world. Some tips on making change stick provided hereunder can be helpful in this direction.

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Tips on Making Change Stick

Identify the Change

Changes are normally not easy to accept. The top management of an organization alongwith project manager should deeply consider the needs of the organization for adopting some change. Interviews, surveys and assessments are some of the wonderful tools that can help the management of an organization in this respect.

The information collected in this way can be used as a base for developing a supportive procedure for the organization alongwith increasing the potential of all of its projects to make it successful. The management should treat every change uniquely and practically to affect each and every project of the organization.

Generation of Change Management Team

Generation of management team can help in making change stick as a change can be made successful with teamwork only. In order to make organizational change successful you have to create representative transformation team for the organization. The responsibility of the transformation team should be to collect information, classify the procedures and direct the policy to make it successful from beginning to end. You can add volunteers or appoint professionals to your team but it must effectively represent your entire organization.

Changes should be made relevant to its participants: Top management is responsible to ensure the people participating in the change not only about how to handle it but about its retrospective effect also. They must be aware of the reason of this change, its benefit for the organization and for them. Instead of just asking the employees to accept the procedural change you as a top executive should make them understand the positive factors of the change in an attractive manner.

Implementation of the Strategies

For making change stick the management leaders should implement their strategies. They should make a stepwise procedure to define the change process at each point to make your employees understand the cause of change alongwith their future targets. Aligning the change process along with the current norms and values of the organization can also help in familiarizing the employees with the change. It will also help in making the things linked with the change clear.

Visualize of the Picture of Success

Visualizing the employees with type of success you are expecting from the change will help in making it successful. You should make them know about the benefits your organization and the employees are going to get with the successful implementation of the change. But before painting a picture for employees you should deeply think over all the aspects of the change.

Fatigue Management

Management leaders of the organization should be ready to manage the fatigue caused by change in process as it is a common factor. You should be able to inspire the employees if you feel that they are loosing interest in their goal or getting bore in the meetings. You can shuffle their work schedule or assign them some other work to maintain their interest in the change process. Celebration of successes achieved by your employees is another way to maintain their interest in the change management. On the whole you should encourage your employees to carry successfully in the right direction.

Involve Seniors in the Change Process

Keeping the seniors involved in the change process is necessary to make change stick. Usually senior lose their interest in the change procedure if their team starts performing as per their expectations. In such conditions the project managers should to awaken their seniors through their progress reports and achievements.

Consistency of Budget

In order to continue the change process in an organization fluctuation in the budget is the main thing that affects. Your team can make the change process successful only if you consistently maintain the budget for managing their resources.

Define Responsibility

After familiarizing the employees with the change process in the organization you should define their responsibilities from time to time. it will help you in setting new goals and targets for your team to make the change process more successful.

Manipulation of Changes as per Organizational Needs

You should try to make the change permanent once you have achieved your goal. You should make strategies about the resource allocation, automation of the process and the ways to increase the rate of return in future. You should consistently look on the positive and negative factors of the change process to modify it accordingly for the success of the organization.

In fact change is not as scarring as it is supposed to be. The project managers or management leaders of the organization should use right tools to make their employees ready for the change in any condition. These changes are to be managed uniquely in a stepwise manner to meet the needs of an organization. You should use your management skills not only for managing the change but for making change stick to give the desired impact to your organization.

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