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Top 4 Change Management Software Solutions

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Top 4 Change Management Software Solutions


Change management software is designed specifically to help ease the transition of change management.


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Change management software is used to implement, review and troubleshoot changes into a simple or complex computer network. An organization (utilizing certain types of software) has to regularly update their programs. They also have to monitor the update process and make sure that everything is okay. Change management software allows you to perform real-time tracking of any changes which may occur in the network you’re supervising.

Below are my top four picks for change management software:


1. WalkMe

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WalkMe empowers managers to smooth the transition for employees learning to operate an unfamiliar software or website.  Managers are able to overlay onscreen a series of step-by-step instructions, helping employees to perform successfully even the most complex tasks.

When departments or companies undergo change, they fear the slowdown of momentum in employee productivity, and the period of adjustment that it might take for employees to get back up to speed.  WalkMe helps to alleviate those concerns, and reduces the time and costs related to training and helpdesk support.


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2. Remedy ITSM 8

This change management software solution is provided by BMC Software. Remedy ITSM 8 is basically a service desk that is geared to suit the administrator’s and user’s needs. It has a user-friendly and approachable interface. Remedy ITSM 8 provides crucial services, such as:  complete IT service management, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) compliant processes, the ability to implement the software on premise or in the cloud and the ability to move between implementation options – whenever you feel like it.  It provides regular updates which conform to the latest changes and requirements for this kind of software.

ITSM 8 is easy to implement and offers an option to customize the source code. The only downside to this product is the cost. Most other options cost considerably less than this one.


3. ChangeGear

SunView Software Inc. brings us this change management software. ChangeGear was developed for big and small enterprises alike (that have simple or complicated networks) that need constant supervision. This software is well designed; it is one of the more appealing options on the market.


ChangeGear offers IT service uptime (due to fewer problems when implementing unorganized changes across the network) and compliancy with FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. It reduces operating costs by implementing changes accurately and quickly, increase response time when problems arise.  ChangeGear also offers dynamic notifications, easy implementation of automated IT services, out of the box ITIL processes, easy  configuration and implementation on premise and in the cloud. The best part is that they have a good tech team which handles customer support issues on time.

Most of the features are available for free, but in order to get an upgraded version, you’ll have to pay. Just ask for a demo of the software in order to see what it has to offer.


4. Spiceworks 5.0

Last, but not least, is Spiceworks 5.0. This change management software option is one of the best out there. It’s completely free and the suite includes many services – along with change management – that you can add to the main software.

Spiceworks was featured in numerous, high standing publications, granting it a great deal of credentials. But what does it deliver?

In terms of change management, Spiceworks 5.0 offers easy implementation, Intuitive presentation of software and hardware changes within your network and the ability to generate quick and comprehensive reports. You can also track any changes using the help desk; then you can keep track of changes by generating detailed logs. Spiceworks 5.0 allows you to easily change priorities and  provides instant notifications of major and minor changes to the network – completely free of charge.

All in all, Spiceworks 5.0 beats its competition in terms of cost because it’s completely free. If you’re looking for a good change management software, this free platform is a great start.

Change management software is essential for all companies that wish to implement, organize and review changes within their digital network. I have provided the top 3 change management software options out there. Check them out!


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