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Various Change Management Games to Try

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Various Change Management Games to Try

Change management games are considered real life stimulation for bringing change in an organization. The name leaves many people confused but it is not a game rather it is a precious stimulating experience in a risk-free environment with the aim of helping you adopt to change process.

What are Change Management Games?

Change management games are techniques and tasks applied to implement successful change management. Every service company wants to dedicate themselves to solving their customers’ issues. Along the way they find that, the processes are not really effective and efficient. This is where change management activities come in handy. The managers discover that new strategies need to be applied so as to satisfy the customers, placing every worker on the threshold of a change exercise. This is where real stimulation takes its course.

Types of Change Management Games

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The change activities can include games such as name memory that aim at helping employees get to know each other. When the atmosphere becomes tense among the workers, a silly game can help relieve the tension. This strategic tool not only breaks the ice among the employees but it also offers them a shared experience where friendship can be built.

The purpose of these corporate training activities is to make the participants view change as manageable and positive by preparing them mentally. Through training games employees develop personal tactics of dealing with change in a positively manner. In addition, participants evaluate the skills needed to sail through the change process at the same time develop patterns that play a major role in implementing a successful change. Some of the change management games that an organization can use include:

1. Clean Sweep

This games falls under the training and energizer activities. It intends to help participants explore results of their belief in their working platforms when bizarre situations. Your beliefs color your perception, which then colors your behavior and this, affects the way you work. The training is meant for all employees from all levels. The activity requires a minimum group size of 4 and a maximum group size of 20 with a typical duration time of one hour. The purpose of this type of training is to help participants understand that their personal beliefs greatly influence how they work. Limiting beliefs controls behaviors and positive beliefs turns what seems impossible to possible.

2. Snake Oil

This game entails on creative business improvement. Participants are supplied with hair restorer, snake oil, and vanishing cream. All these items have their own purposes. Hair restorer is intended for restoring anything that was previously in the organization and is no longer available but sorely needed. Vanishing cream is for making any service, behavior, process or any other undesirable aspect of the business evaporate. Workers from all levels can participant in the game. The training entails on two themes, change as well as business improvement. The minimum group size required is 2 while the maximum group size is 18 with a typical duration of 40 minutes. The game is meant to offer participants an opportunity to express their feelings regarding organizational matters that concern them.

3. Looking In On Ourselves

This game is about service and image, which offers participants a chance to describe their organization through the eyes of new business joiners. Employees from all levels are free to participate. The minimum group size is two and the maximum group size if twenty with a typical duration of one hour. The aim of the training is to empower participants to view the organization through the eyes of an intelligent, observant new business recruit. Participants manage to see how the organization is perceived by the outside world, how reasonable that image is, what kind of service the company give its customers’ and where improvements needs to be exercised.

4. Karma

This game covers morals, ethics, and ideas. An organization that applies karma to the business would have a successful change process experience. The training can be undertaken by employees from all levels. The training activity helps players explore all the approaches of karma which comes down to right mind, right action. The minimum group size is two while as the maximum group size is 20 with a typical duration of one hour. The change activity is intended to help participants explore their own ethical principles. This simply shows how ethics social responsibility and spirituality have become an increasing trend in business and management.

5. At Your Service

This game is regarding benchmarking service. In this customer service game, participants review the services offered by the organization as how customers would rate them. Participants can be any employee from all levels. The minimum group size is two and the maximum group size is twelve with a typical duration of one hour. The purpose of this training activity is to enable participants focus at the strength of the organization and find ways of improving their service offerings.

Communication is an important key for unlocking a successful change management process. Lack of communication blocks an organization from knowing if the changing is effective. It is important you maintain open communication with those influenced by the change. This will help you, as a manager to spot at an early stage any complaints, interruptions or problems. Coaching sessions and meetings are great tools for enhancing communication during a change. Meetings can be either large or small. However, it is should be small enough to give each person who wishes to voice their opinion an opportunity.

If you want a successful change process, it is imperative you choose change management games, which gives everyone, room to participate. The type of change management activities will depend upon the people in the organization who will be participating in the game. For instance, physically active change management activities may not be a cup of cake for workers who feel uncomfortable complying with physical requirements of the game. On the contrary, active games can work perfectly for an organization that has physically fit workers.

In conclusion, besides the change process, one thing for sure is that change management activities are great fun. Furthermore, you have nothing to lose. Selecting a situation for your employees will definitely give you positive results. It offers an experience that cannot be easily forgotten. An activity revives the competitive spirit and most people get captivated in the stimulation. If you are thinking of changing the working methods and structure of your organization, then change management games is the way to go.

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