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10 Change Management Moves to Make in 2019

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10 Change Management Moves to Make in 2019

What change management moves should you make in 2019 and beyond?

Today, change is the only constant, making organizational change more important than ever.

In this article, we’ll explore top trends that drive change – and what moves you should make to keep up.

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Top Trends that Impact Change Management

Look for a few overarching change management trends in 2019.

1. Pervasive Digital Transformation

Digital transformation – referring to the adoption of new technologies, digital work cultures, and modern business practices – has become the norm.

In 2019, digital transformation will continue to drive change.

Naturally, this will make change management more necessary than ever.

2. Innovative Workplaces

Innovation is another trend that is becoming a requirement for modern companies.

Due to the fast-paced evolution of technology, innovation itself has become standard.

Once, it gave companies an edge in the marketplace. But today, so many companies can leverage technology to innovate, it has become required just to keep up.

3. New Work Cultures and Systems

Old approaches to work are going by the wayside.

Traditional work styles, such as top-down hierarchies and waterfall approaches to product development, are being swapped out for flatter, faster approaches.

In their place, we are seeing customer-driven business models, such as lean and agile.

These types of approaches leverage digital technology to drive innovation, develop products faster, and respond more quickly to changing marketplace conditions.

10 Change Management Moves to Make in 2019

In 2019 and beyond, change management will need to make a few changes, just to keep pace with the marketplace.

1. Create a Culture of Innovation

Innovation should become acceptable by everyone in the organization, not just change managers, change leaders, and business leaders.

This will accomplish a few things.

For one thing, the company itself will be more open to change. This can reduce barriers to organizational change and increase success rates of any change initiative.

For another, companies that are more innovative are more adaptable. They will gain a competitive edge in the workplace.

2. Invite Ideas from Everywhere

Don’t forget that ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere – from the highest executives to the ground-level employees.

Inviting ideas from anyone will help turn your business into fertile soil for innovation and idea-generation.

It will also have a beneficial side effect: employees will feel more important and engaged.

3. Encourage Total Participation

The above principle goes hand-in-hand with total participation.

By including everyone in change management decision making, you help flatten the organization. And, as mentioned above, employees will feel more connected and engaged.

4. Implement State-of-the-Art Change Management Tools

Today’s latest change management tools – from project management software to AI-driven automation tools – offer big benefits.

You can save yourself a lot of time, cut project management costs, and make the change management process much easier.

5. Use Advanced Training and Onboarding Software

Whenever you adopt new change management software, look at cutting-edge training tools.

These tools can improve training effectiveness, cut training time, and boost productivity.

The latest tools also make use of advanced AI and on-demand training. Both of these offer a much higher ROI than traditional training methods, such as seminars and in-person training.

6. Make Executive Buy-In a Staple of Your Change Program

When change becomes the norm, executive buy-in becomes a constant necessity.

Make executive buy-in a top priority.

You should get on good terms with chosen sponsors by finding out how your programs help them.

Align your change program with their agenda, as well as the organization’s strategic agenda, and you’ll stand greater chances of gaining support.

7. Attend Change Management Conferences

Change management conferences offer a few significant benefits.

You can connect with other industry professionals, learn about latest trends, and stay on top of your skillset.

As mentioned above, ensure you demonstrate organizational ROI for attending these conferences to ensure attendance approval.

8. Modernize Organizational Development

As you may know, organizational development refers to employee skills development – continuing career training and development.

Though distinct from individual change initiatives, organizational development is just as important.

Add fuel to your organizational development solutions across the board…

Encourage participation, implement the latest learning management software, and highlight the benefits for everyone involved.

Do so, and you’ll see decreases in turnover, improved engagement, and productivity boosts.

9. Push for Digitalization

Digitalization means more change.

It also means your company stands a better chance of keeping up and adapting.

Every business is impacted by technology, so the more digital you become, the more “at home” you will feel in tomorrow’s digital economy.

10. Become More Agile, Lean, and Adaptable

Another way to adapt to the demands of today’s fast-paced economy is to become more agile.

Agile software development – which is now being applied to change management, among other business disciplines – helps your programs stay nimble.

This approach, along with lean thinking, makes responsiveness a priority.

Rather than controlling change, it puts openness first.

Change is considered normal, and business processes are able to respond more quickly.

Final Thoughts

Change management in 2019 will continue with the trends of the past few years.

Digitalization and innovation will drive change across industries, making change management more necessary than ever.

If you keep up with these trends and exploit digital technology, both you and your company will stand to reap great benefits.

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