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20+ Search Terms to Help You Find the Best Change Management PDF

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20+ Search Terms to Help You Find the Best Change Management PDF

If you’re researching change management, you probably know that a change management PDF can be a valuable source of information.

Simply searching for the term “change management PDF” is enough to bring up countless PDFs related to change management, organizational change, and business transformation.

However, the sheer number of results is often overwhelming. Sifting through all those results can be time-consuming and ultimately wasteful.

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Narrowing down the search terms you use when researching change management PDFs is one of the best time-savers there is when performing web research.

Below, we’ll look at more than 20 search phrases that can help you narrow your search and find the best change management PDFs out there.

20+ Searches to Try Out When Looking for a Change Management PDF

Here are a few search terms that you can copy and paste right away:

Change Management Questionnaire PDF

Change management questionnaires are provided to employees, managers, business partners, and other stakeholders before a change project begins.

There are several samples of these available online. These can then be used as a template for designing one’s own questionnaire.

Change Management Checklist PDF

Checklists cover all the key steps that must be taken during a change project.

Like questionnaires and many of the other search terms covered here, checklists can be easily customized for one’s own needs.

Change Model PDF

Change models describe the process of organizational change.

Some are more theoretical, while others are more practical. These tools are essential for change management professionals.

Below, we will look at a few specific examples of change models.

Change Management Framework PDF

Change management frameworks are the same as change models.

They are frameworks that make it easy to understand and apply change management ideas in the workplace.

Change Theories PDF

Change theories, as the term suggests, offer more abstract, theoretical ideas about change management.

PDFs that cover theories can be useful for gaining deeper insight into the fundamental principles of change management.

Change Readiness PDF

Change readiness assessments are performed at the start of change projects.

PDFs that result from this search term often overlap with questionnaires and checklists. The results, however, will skew specifically towards readiness assessments.

Change Plan PDF

The results for this term will often include roadmaps, project templates, and change models.

However, despite that overlap, it will bring up different slightly different content.

Trying several different search terms is a good way to expand the results and find a greater variety of PDFs.

Change Template PDF

Change templates, as the term suggest, will offer templates for organizational change projects.

These can include templates for SMBs, corporations, as well as change models and frameworks.

Change Management Research PDF

A search for this term brings up academic research related to change management.

This can be useful for those who want to gain insight into the science behind change management. Such information can also be useful for building a business case for the value of change management.

Organizational Culture Change PDF

Organizational culture often plays an important role in business change.

In some instances, organizational culture change may be desirable.

PDFs resulting from this search will focus on how to change organizational culture, often in the context of change management.

Change Leadership PDF

Change leadership PDFs emphasize the role of strong leadership in a change project.

These PDFs cover topics such as leadership techniques, the difference between leadership and management, and more.

John Kotter PDF

John Kotter is one of the most renowned experts in the field of change management.

Results from this query will often focus on his 8-step change model, his books, and his research into change management.

Kurt Lewin PDF

Kurt Lewin is often credited as being the founding father of change management and organizational development.

Searches for this term will often turn up PDFs related to his change model and his research in psychology.

Prosci PDF

Prosci is a famous change management consultancy that has their own proprietary approach to change management.

This search will often include PDFs that cover the Prosci change management model, the ADKAR model, as well as the organization’s many self-published PDFs.

Deloitte Change Management PDF

Deloitte is a global consultancy that offers many services, including change management consulting.

Their PDFs can be very useful for those who want information on how large enterprises can implement change.

BCG Change Management PDF

BCG, like Deloitte, also has its own unique research and ideas on change management.

And, also like Deloitte, BCG focuses mostly on change for large enterprises.

Organizational Transformation PDF

Organizational change refers to discrete change projects that only affect part of a business.

Organizational transformation, on the other hand, refers to complex programs that change a company from the ground up.

Digital Transformation PDF

Today, technology-driven innovation, digitization, and digital transformation drive many organizational changes.

Searches for this term will naturally yield a large number of results, so it is a good idea to narrow this search further by adding relevant phrases.

COVID-19 Change Management PDF

In 2020, COVID-19 became another major driver of organizational change.

This search term is useful for those who want to learn more specifically about how to prepare for the post-COVID next normal.

Organizational Development PDF

Organizational development is a business discipline closely related to change management.

PDFs resulting from this search term will have a different emphasis and a different academic foundation. But they can be very useful nonetheless, particularly for long-term organizational improvement efforts.

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