Barriers To Digital Transformation [Infographic]

  According to research by Forrester, only 19% of companies report they have the right technology for digital transformation.   The process of digitally transforming an established business is no small undertaking. Implementing a comprehensive strategy has been cited by Deloitte as a critical factor in the process of becoming digitally mature. The key to

Stars of September – 7 Articles That Will Make You Rethink Your Approach to Change

On my travels on the World Wide Web I discovered the following quote: “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Now, the quote was attributed to Albert Einstein, but due to the online community’s tendency to attribute anything inspiring to the renowned physicist I find the likelihood that he did actually make this remark to be

My Favorite Articles This Week in Change Management

This week I found a bunch of interesting articles discussing change management. Among them you can find some good ideas to communicate change, helpful tips to achieve change, a common change manager myth that might be busted and a comprehensive guide to organizational readiness for change. 1.   The 6 Secrets of Successful Change Management As

My Favorite Articles in Change Management This Week

This week I found some fascinating articles about change management. Among them you can find the important components for a change management, the reasons we are afraid of change and how we can overcome them, and also on the importance of change management in the IT age.  1.     9 Reasons Why You Resist Change Coaching

My 5 Favorite Articles in Change Management This Week

This week I found some great articles featuring essential change management beliefs, organizational culture and key challenges. Please take a closer look and enjoy the valuable information. 6 essential beliefs when you make major changes Life as you may have probably learned by now is never constant and you should always be prepared for change.