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Change Management January 20, 2014

What exactly is individual change management?

Individual change management refers to the process by which you, as an individual, understand, adjust to, and thrive in...

Change Management November 20, 2013

Types of Organisational Change

All in all, there are three types of organizational change, unless you want to segment this into obsessive levels...

Change Management October 31, 2013

The Change Management Workflow Explained

Oh man, the change management workflow concept is an unparalleled nuisance to explain. I’ve put this off for a...

Change Management October 21, 2013

Creating a Change Management Report

Writing a change management report is one of the parts of change management nobody wants to have to work...

Change Management October 14, 2013

Difference Between Organizational and Individual Change Management

How does individual change management vary from organizational change management? The answer to this is a bit two-headed, as...

Change Management October 11, 2000

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