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Happy Change-Giving – What Change Managers Should Be Thankful For This Year

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Happy Change-Giving – What Change Managers Should Be Thankful For This Year

Giving Thanks for the Change Management : The Ultimate Change Feast

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us prepare to overload on a variety of the tastiest dishes known to man. Before we do this, I thought it fitting to give thanks for all the amazing change management inspiration, motivation and information that we’ve enjoyed.


The change feast that I have laid out for you is divided into five parts: The infographics, the influencers, the books, the videos and the software. So what are you waiting for? Dig in!  

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The Infographics

The first delicacy I’d like to offer you is this infographic by Tanmay Vora. Once you grasp the intricacies of the infographic by this Top 5 Indian HR Influencer you will be blown away.


Next up is Torben Rick’s infographic on ‘The Iceberg that Sinks Organisational Change’. Best served cold.  


The Influencers

To start you off on the second course, I’d like to give thanks to the people who are always setting the bar higher and constantly advancing the way we think about change. So, here is a list I composed on the twenty one change influencers you should follow on twitter.


Next, I’d like to give thanks to two influencers in particular for their interviews that they gave me and for sharing their thoughts – So Mike Lehr and Peter J. Reiley, take a bow.

The Books

If you were planning on reading a good book over Thanksgiving, look no further. Here are just two of the change management books that I would like to give thanks for this thanksgiving.


The first is the New York Times business bestseller by Dr. Spencer Johnson, “Who Moved My Cheese?”. This is a brilliantly written parable, which in the most simple way, has succeeding in inspiring millions. “Who Moved My Cheese?” has been an unbelievable success because of its easy to understand metaphors and its relatability.


The second book is The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Getting change to catch on and take off in a company can be extremely challenging. After rereading – The Tipping Point – I realise how many of the principles mentioned apply to organisational change.

The Videos

To all those contributing great videos, I’d like to thank you. This video, is one of many. It is simple and will take less than three minutes of your time. We have an inspiring video that shows how easily people will respond to change once they are incentivised.


TED Talks, you’ve been spectacular! In particular this TED talk by Jim Hemerling on ‘5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant ChangeConstant Change.’


The Software

This particular section is something that I’m pretty sure the pilgrims weren’t able to give thanks for – the software that makes it all faster and easier.  Software is the game changer in the modern age. Whether it is 4 Software Change Management Tools to Use  or  How to Introduce a New Feature to Change-Resistant Users, or even WalkMe, we’d like to thank you all!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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